The Braedius Systems approach

Braedius is not just selling single products, but complete solutions consisting of hardware, software and services.
The core of each system is a CytoCam camera, however, there are many more components which are needed to meet the needs of a specific set of user requirements.

Options are:

  • Device controllers
    • Medical grade 24″ PanelPC
    • A laptop with a 17 ” display
    • A 2-1 tablet/notebook with a 15″
    • A high-end desktop for heavy analysis workloads
  • Software
    • Camera Manager
    • Analysis Manager
    • Network solutions
    • Remote support software
  • Accessories
    • Medical grade keyboards and mice
    • Trolleys

This can be complemented with training and installation services.
If Breadius offers and commits to provide a complete system,  the complete system is built and tested before shipping it to the customer.