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Model 4: Start of production (2022-08-15)

The production electronic an mechanical components of the Model 4 has finally started.
After many road block caused by the worldwide shortage of semiconductor components and an overload of order inflow at our supplier of mechanical parts we have finally received confirmation of our orders, be it with still long lead time.
But now there is light at the end of the tunnel.

CCTools V4: New license management

Until CytoCamTools V3 a very simple license management was used.

As it was simple it had many limitations. It assumed a license which was paid upfront and had fairly unlimited life time It also allowed to move the software to another computer with the same license key. This sounds as easy but it also had its disadvantages. It assumed that the license was paid upfront.

The new licensing system will allow to implement more flexible payment conditions such as pay for use or pay per period. This is often called

Software as a Service.

In the coming months it will be decided how the pricing structure will change. We will also try to communicate with our users to find out which kind of flexibility is appreciated .

General price increase.

The world is rapidly changing. We experienced many years of low interest rates, low inflation and stable , low energy prices.
And suddenly we see energy and raw material prices rising to unknown levels. This means rising costs of parts and labor.
The result is inflation which does not leave anybody untouched.
We had to decide to implement a general price of increase of 4 % for all our products and services as of October 1st 2022.
All price quotations which have been offered before September 1st 2022  will be unaffected.
If projects are still waiting for grants which assume the prices of open quotes, customers are invited to contact us . These cases will be handled individually.