CytoCamTools V4


The following design objectives have been fundamental in the design of the bedside manager and the study manager

  • to provide a solid foundation for the management of patient and measurement data
  • to provide a flexible software architecture which will allow to integrate new analysis methods
  • to make the analysis of measurement data such as microcirculatory videos completely automatic
  • to allow the integration of other signals in the same data structure and to show them on a common time line

CytoCamTools V4 Bedside Manager

 As the name suggests the objective of the Bedside Manager is to be used at the bedside .
It offers the following functions
  • Configuring the database
    • Patients and patient groups
    • Measurement Types, Measurement Methods and Devices
    • Measurement procedures  and events
  • Performing measurements (i.c. videos captures)
  • Visual assessment of videos  (MFI)
  • Analysis of videos, reporting, analzsing one video at a time or automatic analysis of a collection of videos
  • Data management, exporting data to the Study Manager, exporting data in other formats

CytoCamTools V4 Study Manager

The Study Manager is to be used in the research office.
In the first place it is a data management tool .
From a data management perspective it is not a good idea to have valuable data (patient measurement data) on  a system which is not designed to assure that data is safely kept at all times. It is advised to move the data to a secure storage system as soon as possible.

It is the intention of the Study Manager to facilitate that operation.

As it is so important i t has been decided to make the Data management layer of the Study Manager  a standard feature in all offerings.

The Data Management layer of the Bedside Manager and the Data Management layer of the Study Manager may be seen as twins.

As the Study Manager suggests it is possible to collect data from multiple Bedside Managers in one single system.

One can make up backups of the data on any external storage facility, such as a hospital network backups system.

Option : Analysis Manager for the Study Manager

As an option one can add the Analysis Manager  to the Study Manager (feature code AMS)

The difference with the Analysis Manager for the Bedside Manager (feature code AMB)is that the Analysis Manager for the Bedside Manager allows to automatically analyse all videos of all patients of the same Study in a single batch.